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wtf is with recruiters?

Today one tried to hire me and one was supposed help me hire someone. Both wasted my time. Both added no value to the process. Kind of like realturds, err, I mean realtors. I’m going to generalize, but wtf is wrong with people in both of these professions?

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wtf porsche (and contextual advertisers)?

paul walker porsche ad
poor taste porsche ad

This is what happens when contextual advertising goes horribly wrong. Paul Walker just died in Porsche and the article talking about his death has two Porsche ads. Way to go Porsche! Crash your Porsche and turn it into a fireball that kills your friend – never fear, you can lease a new one for just $984/month. WTF Porsche? You may want fix your ad targeting so it doesn’t promote you on articles talking about people burning to death in your cars.

RIP Paul Walker. I always enjoyed your movies. Sad to see you go so young.

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wtf is with the bait and switch nations choice mortgage?

mortgage scam
the nationschoice for mortgage scams

Here is what it’s like to work with these turdburglars if you want to (try to) refinance your house:

Sign all the initial applications. Send over all the normal (full) documentation. Verify rate is locked. Sign GFE and a whole bunch more documents confirming your rate, fees, costs, etc. Pay for your appraisal. Schedule your appraisal. Day before the appraisal receive a call saying they aren’t making enough money on your loan so they need to raise the rate a quarter point – then try to convince you that you are still getting a good deal. When you point out that rates have dropped since you started the whole process they make up a lie about the treasury rates (which takes two seconds to look-up and verify the lie if you are by a computer). Then they get an attitude when you point out the bait and switch b.s. they are trying to pull. Then they still try to convince you (while giving you an attitude) that you are getting a great deal. Then tell you what’s the big deal – it’s only an extra $30/month. I’ll tell you what the big deal is – that $30 multiplied by the 360 payments is $10,800 you jackass. Oh yeah, and we signed a contract a quarter point lower. WTF nationschoice (aka fisher financial group)?! It’s really sad that you are still trying to pull this type of crap. The even sadder thing is that it must be working because you are still in business. And the mortgage industry wonders why it has a bad reputation!

But don’t take my word for it, see what others have to say:
NationsChoice Mortgage Complaints
NationsChoice Fraud
Or the 49 complaints at the BBB.


wtf – make a decision

process of taking a dump
the product of top consultants

I have the feeling that some people can’t take a dump without hiring a consultant to tell them how. WTF? Make a damn decision.



Funny thing is I’m sure some consultant douchebag would actually take the assignment seriously. I can picture them creating a ridiculous process chart to map out how one takes a dump (see pic).

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irs, seriously, wtf?

big worm
“My emotions don’t like to be played with”

Dear IRS,
Ok, it isn’t bad enough that you have been requesting additional documents for almost a year for the homebuyer credit.
It isn’t enough that when I called and waited on hold for what seemed like an eternity it was only to speak with a 50+ year old man who sounded like he was fresh off the fry station at McDonald’s.
Can it be worse than when I had an accountant call and you basically told him you are understaffed and really have no idea what is going on or where you misplaced my documents, but you can confirm you received them.
Or the time you mailed me a letter saying that you were denying my claim in its entirety and wanted me to sign two documents saying that I agreed with the decision. And then in a follow up phone call said it was just an automated letter because you were behind on your paperwork.

That was frustrating and annoying. I mean what else can an individual do when IRS makes a decision, even a wrong one. It’s not like you can lock the IRS up in prison for failing to pay out a refund (kind of funny that they can lock you up though for failing to file). It’s not like it is worth it to get a lawyer because a lawyer’s fee will quickly eat up whatever potential return you are expecting.

But now I know you are just f—ing with me. WTF is going on over there? Not only did my credit magically appear in my bank account. It was 3 times the amount it should have been! I’m sure you made yet another mistake. I’m sure I will have to pay you back. I’m sure it is my fault somehow and I will owe interest. But seriously IRS, it really isn’t funny to tempt people with thousands of dollars they can’t touch even though it is in their account. Glad you think my bank account is a place where you can stash cash. To quote Big Worm, “Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions,” and my emotions don’t like being played with. He also said, “First of all, don’t be callin’ here like you some straight up G, cause I’ll cut ya balls off and hand ’em to ya, patna. I had to warn you too many times about my money, Smokey. You see, it’s the principal. There’s principalities in the whole thing.” Unfortunately, I think that is what the IRS will be telling me when they want their money back.

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wtf whiny facebook users

The problem with facebook users is the same problem that plagues america. They are a whiny bunch of self-entitled brats that love to complain about everything and do/give absolutely nothing. Sitting on your ass at home playing farmville all day and collecting unemployment (if filing the paperwork wasn’t too much trouble) and then wondering why the economy isn’t recovering and the house you put 0 down on is underwater. The free ride that was the housing bubble has ended. America didn’t become a superpower by complaining so loud that other countries gave us handouts to shut us up. We should rewards people with skills, talent and the ability to innovate, but instead we celebrate stupidity. I’m tired of all the whining when two seconds of self reflection would show people what the problem is. So why am I complaining about facebook users? Because their narcissism thrives in the facebook environment and civility is quite often thrown out the window because of the most trivial things. I don’t want to make this a broad, over-generalization about the 500million members, so let me clarify. There is a noisy, obnoxious subset that whines the loudest and probably spews 90% of the rubbish clogging up news feeds and walls. wtf is your problem whiny facebook user because I’ve really had it with your ungrateful attitude.

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wtf – the dea hiring ebonics translators

d to the e to the aI can’t make this stuff up – the dea is hiring ebonics translators. Apparently, Special Agent Michael Sanders said Tuesday “I think it’s a language form that DEA recognizes a need to have someone versed in to conduct investigations.” At least we know there is a job waiting for Michael Steele when his stint with the Republican Party ends. Or is this part of the government’s plan to keep unemployed rappers working? Can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they find out what skeet means.

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wtf, i just cried from laughter

Ok, you all know I’m no fan of fanboys or the sheep that buy whatever polished turd apple is marketing to them on a given day (the iphone – it’s the most revolutionary phone – so revolutionary you don’t/can’t even make phone calls on it). Today, a coworker shows me this video of the iphone 4 vs HTC Evo:

I was laughing so hard a tear ran down my check. wtf did I just watch? So simple, yet hilarious. I want the one with the bigger Gee Bees too!

That said, any idiot who joins a class action suit against Apple/AT&T rather than just returning their iphone 4 over its major design flaw is looking for a handout and is part of the reason that America will continue on its downward spiral.

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ipadding your shorts

WTF is with the iPad hoopla?

All of you Apple doucebags need to take your pad and plug your gushing hole.
“I got two!” WTF are you going to do with two? Get off the local news and crawl back under that over-styled rock you crawled out from under. Do we really need to watch some 60 year old fanboy open a box? Do we need to hear how the iPhone revolutionized your life? I still would debate whether you have a life the way you are drooling over a gadget. The only thing that will be impressive about the iPad is watching you try to stuff it in your shorts when you try to take it with you everywhere you go.


wtf is with jealous husbands?

hey jealousy
hey jealousy

Look homeboy, I never touched your wife. Relax. Even before the two of you got together.

Don’t get pissed at her. Don’t get pissed at me. According to wolframalpha, you are 5622 miles away. What are you worried about? The only thing that’s going to drive her away is your insecurity. To quote LL Cool J, “You’re the type of guy that gets suspicious…”

Well, we know how that song turns out.