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wtf is with the bait and switch nations choice mortgage?

mortgage scam
the nationschoice for mortgage scams

Here is what it’s like to work with these turdburglars if you want to (try to) refinance your house:

Sign all the initial applications. Send over all the normal (full) documentation. Verify rate is locked. Sign GFE and a whole bunch more documents confirming your rate, fees, costs, etc. Pay for your appraisal. Schedule your appraisal. Day before the appraisal receive a call saying they aren’t making enough money on your loan so they need to raise the rate a quarter point – then try to convince you that you are still getting a good deal. When you point out that rates have dropped since you started the whole process they make up a lie about the treasury rates (which takes two seconds to look-up and verify the lie if you are by a computer). Then they get an attitude when you point out the bait and switch b.s. they are trying to pull. Then they still try to convince you (while giving you an attitude) that you are getting a great deal. Then tell you what’s the big deal – it’s only an extra $30/month. I’ll tell you what the big deal is – that $30 multiplied by the 360 payments is $10,800 you jackass. Oh yeah, and we signed a contract a quarter point lower. WTF nationschoice (aka fisher financial group)?! It’s really sad that you are still trying to pull this type of crap. The even sadder thing is that it must be working because you are still in business. And the mortgage industry wonders why it has a bad reputation!

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