wtf in general

Ok, this site needs a little more participation people. Let me kick it off by ranting:
wtf – it took 45 minutes to find 2 hour parking this morning
wtf – my computer had the blue screen of death (13 times this year, but who is counting)
wtf – is with the irs? jerks owe me over $3,000, but will they pay any penalties or interest for their mistake? hell no they won’t.
wtf – is with my red neck, white trash neighbor in Montana shooting at my realtor.
wtf – is with people not following through on their word
wtf – is with people who don’t know what they don’t know but think they do?
wtf – is with the clueless f—tards we, the (ignorant) people, keep electing to office
wtf – is with people who are slow on the uptake?
wtf – a homeless man is taking bottles out of my recycling bin in the middle of suburbia

and why the f do I forget half the list when I go to write it down? so wtf do you have to complain about? *hint* leave a comment


wtf took you so long?

Well, no excuse really. The site is up now. Let the complaining begin!