wtf in general

Ok, this site needs a little more participation people. Let me kick it off by ranting:
wtf – it took 45 minutes to find 2 hour parking this morning
wtf – my computer had the blue screen of death (13 times this year, but who is counting)
wtf – is with the irs? jerks owe me over $3,000, but will they pay any penalties or interest for their mistake? hell no they won’t.
wtf – is with my red neck, white trash neighbor in Montana shooting at my realtor.
wtf – is with people not following through on their word
wtf – is with people who don’t know what they don’t know but think they do?
wtf – is with the clueless f—tards we, the (ignorant) people, keep electing to office
wtf – is with people who are slow on the uptake?
wtf – a homeless man is taking bottles out of my recycling bin in the middle of suburbia

and why the f do I forget half the list when I go to write it down? so wtf do you have to complain about? *hint* leave a comment


WTF is up with contractors

I want to know what on earth is up with contractors, in my experience with them I haven’t been able to find a single honest one of them out of the bunch.  The only honest people I find are the people who are not “General contractors” and are just specialized laborer’s, like plumbers, electricians, etc.  It seems to me that if you don’t get it in writing and threaten to hold them accountable by law you can’t get them to a) do the job in a reasonable time or b) do the job right.  Now I have this guy trying to charge me for a number of rediculous items.

1) Installing dimmer switches in rooms that need them (per building code) and then charging me to do so.  WTF you don’t do the job right now you want to charge me because you did it wrong? In what profession can people get away with doing a job wrong and charging the customer for it.

2) People on his crew threw away parts for a sky light that was clearly labeled DO NOT THROW AWAY because the sky light was unable to be installed immediatly since the room it was to go in wasn’t done yet.

3) We have to constantly ask for parts that we purchased at his request and went unused to be returned to us so we can get the money back for them.

That is just a small list of his crimes.  Now he has the gall to say he is going to take us to court because we decided to hold the remainder of the balance in escrow until the completion of the job.  Since he has proven that he will use every means necessary to avoid or deflect completion of the remaining work.  I can not believe the gall of this person.