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wtf treyarch?

May 10th, 2009
Restricted Call of Duty

Restricted Call of Duty

Treyarch, how do you mess up one of the best gaming franchises? Call of Duty : World at War has so many bugs and glitches it is ridiculous. I can deal with a lot of them (glitches on xbox live), but the fact that there is a bug with saving games makes me curse the day your company was founded. After spending hours, yes hours, to make it to some of the checkpoints on veteran I need to take a break. My game is saved so I take a break and turn off the machine. A few days later I fire up the old 360 and go to continue where I left off – only wait – what’s this I see?

Save game data is incompatible with the current version of the game. You may continue from the beginning of your most recent mission or exit to the menus.

WTF?! How many months has the game been out and the problem is still not fixed. After some digging through three “official” sites (treyarch, CoD and activision), I found this solution for the save game problem. This unfortunately doesn’t always work. I think today I will skip the video games and go outside and play frisbee with my CoD : World at War disc.

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meat business cards, wtf?

May 6th, 2009
tasty business

tasty business

This one is, dare I say, kind of cool. It definitely made me say wtf? It’s business cards made from beef jerky. The guys at Meat Cards take 100% tasty beef jerky and use a 150 watt CO2 to burn in all of your vital details. They hope to work out the logistics soon so that they can sell this new must have for business professionals. It’s meat for when you meet.

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WTF is wrong with banks supposedly trying to unload their real estate portfolios?

May 6th, 2009

I am very curious as to where 400 billion of our tax dollars that were disbursed to the banks during the Bush Administration, went. The whole package was designed to allow banks to become liquid and in return stimulate the housing and real estate markets. well several months later, we are in 2009 and an escrow that can be done in 15 days is taking 45! WTF!

The officers of the bank that owns the property won’t sign the purchase agreement on time; the lenders have no liquidity and are scared of a loan application with perfect credit, verified income and lump sum down payment; and Fannie and Freddie now demand that all the closing fees be paid by buyers (and their reasoning is that the property prices are so low that people may make a profit!) I am sick and tired of these corporate and government affiliated (i.e. Fannie/Freddie) thieves that not only misuse and misappropriate our tax dollars but on top of it refuse any help to people who need it. WTF!