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WTF is wrong with hiring managers & recruiters these days!?!?!

September 26th, 2009

I know the unemployment rate is over 10%. I understand that this is market is employers market and I don’t expect 5 job offers for each position I apply to. However, having positions posted, harvesting resumes, telling people that there is an urgent need to fill the aforementioned positions and then not even sending a quick yay or nay response is ridiculous.

I am not asking for much, I know how overwhelming the resume submission can be for certain positions. But with today’s Human Resources Information Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems and the web based application processes at least send out an automated impersonal notice that the position is filled and don’t leave people hanging! WTF!

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WTF is wrong with banks supposedly trying to unload their real estate portfolios?

May 6th, 2009

I am very curious as to where 400 billion of our tax dollars that were disbursed to the banks during the Bush Administration, went. The whole package was designed to allow banks to become liquid and in return stimulate the housing and real estate markets. well several months later, we are in 2009 and an escrow that can be done in 15 days is taking 45! WTF!

The officers of the bank that owns the property won’t sign the purchase agreement on time; the lenders have no liquidity and are scared of a loan application with perfect credit, verified income and lump sum down payment; and Fannie and Freddie now demand that all the closing fees be paid by buyers (and their reasoning is that the property prices are so low that people may make a profit!) I am sick and tired of these corporate and government affiliated (i.e. Fannie/Freddie) thieves that not only misuse and misappropriate our tax dollars but on top of it refuse any help to people who need it. WTF!