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wtf are you doing searching for career advice here?

August 24th, 2009
for doubling traffic

for doubling traffic

Did you know that wtf list ranks well for career advice? It’s true! Do a search on yahoo for “wtf is a good career for me” and you will find us. Looking at the referral stats for the site I found this steamy nugget. This makes me go wtf?! for a few reasons.  First, who searches for career advice like that? I’ve got a pretty good idea why you are unemployed. Second, what made you think we had career advice to dispense? Look at the last few posts! Do we look like an educated bunch? Do we sound employable?

But hey, we aren’t complaining. You just doubled our visitor count all by yourself. Be sure to put that on your resume before your next interview. To help, just print out the image above and tape it to your resume. It’s quite the accomplishment – you should be proud!

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