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Sprint, wtf does “everything” mean to you?

I was helping someone get a new cell phone / phone service so we were looking at Sprint. They’ve got the new Samsung Galaxy S III so why not give them a shot. Amazon Wireless is the place to get a cell phone / plan, so add the phone to the cart. Ok, now to pick the plan – well, 450 minutes is plenty. Let’s check the coverage. Sprint says everything Hmmm, well the phone is 4G LTE, but Sprint only has 4G LTE in a few cities in the middle of the country – mostly the have Wimax. So the phone will be using 3G because there is no LTE for most of the country on Sprint. Oh well, I’m sure they will eventually add it. Ok – we select the 450 minutes “Everything Data” Plan for $69.99.


Now on to select options…

What’s this? A box is prechecked and I can’t uncheck it…
Sprint's Premium Data Fee
WTF Sprint? When I select “Everything Data” I thought it meant EVERYTHING! Their explanation – “The Premium Data add-on charge is required for smartphones… because smartphone users use 10 times more data than customers with basic or feature phones.” No kidding. Really? A smartphone uses more data than a phone that can only make phone calls? WTF would a person with a phone that can only make phone calls need data for anyway? And by the way, 3G isn’t exactly “premium data”.