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wtf is with comcast?

February 28th, 2009


This rant has nothing to do with cable prices, waiting all day for a technician to show up or a dvr not recording my favorite show (the things most comcast customers would likely have an issue with). It has to do with running a pointless test of the emergency alert system during primetime on a cable channel. Seriously – WTF?! There I am, happy as can be watching Burn Notice on USA on Thursday night. It’s the last 2-3 minutes of the episode and Michael and Fiona are just starting a serious discussion about their relationship. What happens next… I’ve got no f—ing idea because my TV suddenly is showing me nothing but snow with some 1970s style text scrolling over it telling me that this fancy special defect is part of a weekly test of the emergency broadcast system. Comcast – test all you want during a commercial break or at 3a.m. – but test over prime time again and I’ll finally get off my rear and switch to DirecTV or Dish (which I want to do anyway but inertia and/or laziness have prevented).

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