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american cars!?!?!

February 5th, 2009

first off….i love america but american cars are not even close to being world class… my brothers ford expedition is big (which is nice) but no finesse to the interiors at all and no power either. Going up hill at high speed and it sounds like the engine is going to blow up! and dont even get me started on the silly stupid low mileage he gets from it! and the prices of these cars are at par with its european counter parts! >>>WHAT????

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WTF is up with all this hip hop?

February 5th, 2009

why on earth have the rockers of this world gone silent? lets just take the main stream…all you hear is hip hop! i mean, i like a few tracks here and there but if you turn on the radio or tv…90% of it is hip hop!! cold play is nice enough but it cant be the only thing out there…or the fray…i even heard JAMES BLUNT was called a rocker. ha!

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