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wtf porsche (and contextual advertisers)?

November 30th, 2013
paul walker porsche ad

poor taste porsche ad

This is what happens when contextual advertising goes horribly wrong. Paul Walker just died in Porsche and the article talking about his death has two Porsche ads. Way to go Porsche! Crash your Porsche and turn it into a fireball that kills your friend – never fear, you can lease a new one for just $984/month. WTF Porsche? You may want fix your ad targeting so it doesn’t promote you on articles talking about people burning to death in your cars.

RIP Paul Walker. I always enjoyed your movies. Sad to see you go so young.

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wtf dominos

November 30th, 2013

Over the past two months I’ve attempted to order from domino’s pizza 3 times. None of them was successful.

Attempt #1 – shoprunner broken. the only real reason to have shoprunner is free domino’s delivery
Attempt #2 – after wasting 30 minutes trying to order, I try another browser and it tells me my location isn’t taking web orders and every other location is carry out.
Attempt #3 – once again, I go to checkout and the little progress bar shows up on the screen. And stays there. A few minutes later an error shows up saying that if the problem persists to call a phone number. I try again. Same problem. Okay, let’s try another browser. What do you know, the store isn’t taking web orders again.

wtf is wrong with my local domino’s? After ordering online for years it is now completely screwed up. Of course every time I try to order I’m in a hurry and you waste 30 minutes of my life. And then I have to deal with a house full of starving, grumpy people. You suck. Get your act together. Roll back your code to when it worked. I will never know if you do, though. I’m done. Even though I like the taste of your pizza better, I’m ordering from Papa John’s or driving to Little Caeser’s from now on.

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